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Australian climatic conditions are harsh. It is important that you care for your cricket bat. If you leave your bat in the boot or back seat for long periods, or leave it in the sun, it will dry out. This may cause it to split. 

1. We recommend 1-2 light coats of raw linseed oil (from any hardware shop), allowing time to dry between each coat. Remember, less is best. Too little is better than too much.

2. Apply oil with a soft rag to the face, toe, sides and back of the bat, keeping oil away from the splice. Leave the bat horizontal during the drying period. We suggest one light coat to the back, and two to the face.

3. After initial oiling is complete, play the bat in with an old leather ball or ball mallet (NOT a bowling machine), and at various intervals, bone the face and edges. (Buy a shin bone of beef from the butcher, cook it, remove the meat, allow to cool, then use the bone to rub the face and side edges of the bat – this hardens the wood.)

 This should take around 2 – 3 weeks with careful but consistent work of around 15 minutes a day. This is a tradition for you to pass on to the next generation of cricketers!

4. After playing in of the bat is completed, you may at various times find that the bat is drying out or losing moisture. We suggest a light sand with very fine sandpaper up and down the grain (never across), a light oil to moisten the face, and a good boning will bring it up, and help to add life to your bat. We also suggest that this is done before storing at the completion of each season.

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